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Sunflower meal

Sunflower meal
  • Sunflower meal
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Country of manufacture:Ukraine

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Sunflower meal is a byproduct produced during the production of sunflower oil is a seed residues nucleoli.

The high energy value of sunflower meal due to the presence in its composition a large number of oil - about 7-10%. Precisely because of this, sunflower meal is an essential component in the development of feed rations of farm animals and birds. It consists of protein and fiber which beneficially affect the digestive function of the body.

Sunflower seed cake is mainly used for the production of animal feed. Nutritional value of the products obtained is directly dependent on the cake contained in the crude fat - 15% and 36% crude protein. Contained in the press cake sunflower oil has a high performance. It contained valuable phospholipids and indicators of its oxidation is significantly lower than the feed oil.

Sunflower cake made in the form of crumbly.

Adding sunflower meal in feed rations of farm animals has the following properties:


It stimulates the rate of growth and development of young animals, normalizes metabolism, reduces the risk of diseases and death of animals, improves the reproductive function in animals, improves the quality characteristics in egg production.

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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